We have three program cycles overlapping in November. The Winter 23-24 programs are moving into pre-departure mode. The Summer 2024 enter the early recruitment and application phase. The Winter 2024-25 courses are reviewed and selected along with the on-site admin teams.

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Pre-departure orientations for take place November 13 for London Winter, then November 16 for London & Dublin. After Thanksgiving we hold the sessions for faculty and on-site administrators so everything is in place before the end of the Fall semester. The CCSA team is hard at work preparing for both these pre-departure session and on-site arrangements.

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The Summer 2024 course and admin teams are in early recruitment mode. Applications are already coming in, and this late Fall window is a great to time connect with students as they plan their Spring courses then head home for the holiday break. We provide students and their families information that will enable them to make that big decision about a summer study abroad experience.

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Open Course Proposal

The review of first-round Winter 24-25 courses proposals is complete. Offers have been extended to a set while we await the Round 2 proposals. These more selective proposals are due November 14 with priorities for Australia, London, and London/Dublin.

Benefits to with teaching with CCSA

  • Up to $1,000 stipend
  • Teach one course
  • Reach motived students at 28 member schools (and beyond)
  • Meals & Incidental Expenses (including per diem)
  • Program-related expenses and travel included
  • Family and Companion discount available
  • CCSA handles the logistics and money
  • On-site Director

Apply to be an Admin

The application for on-site administrators is open until December 1. Benefits includes all program-related expenses such as air and on-site transportation, housing, designated meals, international health insurance and Meals & Incidental Expenses (MIE) with Per diem. Companion/family members may join the program (with some limitations). But the more important benefit is the professional development CCSA offers to everyone who joins the team.

CCSA is a membership organization and serves our members by providing a means to support their students, faculty and goals for international education.  We are not simply a “program provider.”   The member institutions, guided by the CCSA Board of Trustees, own and operate CCSA.

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We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.