We have ten courses lined up to travel to London on December 26. The students, faculty, admins, and guests all begin their time in London on December 27. The London & Dublin group then heads to Ireland on January 2. During their first week, global teaching and learning will keep everyone busy while also enjoying the holiday season in London. A short break as we all ring in 2024 will be followed by a second week on in-depth learning opportunities. After the return on January 8, many folks head into their Spring 2024 semester, so they are able bring home what they learned to their campus classrooms.

At this point we have over 100 students (including a few non-credits) and 30 faculty/admins and guests. They will learn, live, and eat together every day; sharing what they’ve learned, discovering new things about themselves and the wider world everyday.

london & dublin
JenniferFairchildEKUHealth Care Across the Pond and Beyond
MarcieHintonMRYSTBeyond the Selfie: Exploring the World via Digital Storytelling
DavidWilbanksMRYSTExploring Risk Management Practices in London & Dublin
SarahBlackwellTMUFor the Love of Lit: A Literary Adventure in London & Dublin
AlexandriaColovos*WKUHealth Care and Nursing at Home and Abroad: A Cross-Cultural Comparison (*co teaching with Miranda Peterson- WKU)
KimberlyNesslerWKUOn-Site Assistant Director
KarenStockWALSHOn-Site Program Director
London Winter
AmyHamlinAPSUTrends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare: Nightingale to Now
MickeyWadiaAPSUCurtain Call: British Drama in Action
JosephSimpsonTAMUSAThe Dark Side of Society: The Sociology of Evil in London
AlyssaEckmanUKYAdvertising Sports and Popular Culture in Britain
ChrisFultonULLExploring British Visual Culture
DianeMaldonadoUKYOn-Site Program Director
HeatherSchiemanUDAYTONOn-Site Assistant Director

Thank you to everyone who has made these courses possible. The campus leaders who shepherd their students through the steps. The faculty who create meaningful learning experiences. The on-site admins who prepare to handle things in London and Dublin. To the CCSA staff who bring all the pieces together for everyone. And… thank you to each and every student who selected CCSA for their study abroad experience. Some are experienced travelers, but most are first-timers. We aim to provide each person an experience in which they can grow as a person and learn to handle anything thrown their way.

CCSA is a membership organization and serves our members by providing a means to support their students, faculty and goals for international education.  We are not simply a “program provider.”   The member institutions, guided by the CCSA Board of Trustees, own and operate CCSA.

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We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.