The whirlwind of September comes to a close and we launch into October. The Winter 23-24 cycle is top-of-mind with Summer 2024 in our headlights.

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For Winter 23-24, we are arranging class activities with faculty as they put together their final syllabi. We balance a mix of CCSA-arranged class activities – those that require reservations – and the academic-content activities that faculty set-up themselves. These may include no-cost or guest-speaker-type meetings. This process is a great way for faculty to develop those international connections that many find positively impact their teaching, research, or networking. While we always expect students to see the value of international connections, we seek to provide faculty and staff at our member institutions with professional development opportunities that they won’t find in any other format. Teaching with CCSA or serving as an on-site administrator are challenging, but offer skill development that can be applied to their jobs and responsibilities after they return. Again … just like our students, we seek to provide growth opportunity for everyone on a CCSA program

Here are some key dates for Winter 23-24.

October 5Target to announce scholarship winners
October 20First payment deadline ($1,850)
summer 2024 program list
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For Summer 2024 we have these important events.

October 20Summer 2024 – Prep & Training (Bowling Green)
OngoingSummer Applications open as students plan their spring 2024 semester

Reaching students as they plan their Spring schedule is essential. Many find that a Summer 2024 study abroad class will fulfill a requirement. They can build the spring schedule with this in mind. In support of this, we list the WKU-approved course so students know how the course will appear on the transcript WKU issues. This impacts those students receiving WKU credit directly, but helps students who receive home school credit in determining which course they need. It is important that our Campus Reps communicate with student advisors – both academic and study abroad – as well as department chairs who may need to approve this home school course. Here is link to Summer 2024 courses.

And of course the Fall 2023 Board Meeting take place in Bowling Green on October 21.

CCSA is a membership organization and serves our members by providing a means to support their students, faculty and goals for international education.  We are not simply a “program provider.”   The member institutions, guided by the CCSA Board of Trustees, own and operate CCSA.

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We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.