Today we hit the Early application deadline and we push toward Final application deadline on September 22. We’re seeing new applications started and those students get information on how to proceed and plan for their study abroad course.

As of Friday morning, we have nearly 120 applications started, and enrollment reports are available for faculty, on-site admins, and member institution folks. We are shooting for 150 applications by September 22. With 28 members, that is an average of 5.36 per school.

Study Abroad Fairs

We’ve seen a students at three fairs — Eastern Kentucky University, Georgetown College, and University of Louisville.

Next week we have three big events as well. For those at the member institutions, come on by and say hello. And of course, send students our way.

9/13/2023University of Kentucky (Denise & Kara).univeristy of kentucky logo
9/13/2023Western Kentucky University (Jerry, Kimberly Nessler, Miranda Peterson, and Alexandria Colovos)wku logo
9/14/2023Murray State University (Jerry along with the Murray State folks)murray state logo

Discount Award

We are offering a special discount to students who visit us are Fairs. Students who connect with CCSA via our online contact — during their study abroad fair — are entered in a drawing for an application fee waiver. A $250 value!

News You Can Use

The $150 application fee will be extended through final app deadline – September 22.

This gives all students the chance to benefit from the $100 savings on their app fee. We go public with this over the weekend. But this sneak preview can be shared.


CCSA will host a second InfoZoom on Friday, September 15 for students who’ve applied or are planning to apply for Winter 23-24 programs. Faculty and staff from our members are welcome to join. Invites with time and link will go out next week.

Upcoming Dates

September 20Scholarship & Final Application Deadlines (with $150 app fee)
September 27Target to announce scholarship winners
October 20First payment deadline ($1,850)
October 20Summer 2024 – Prep & Training (Bowling Green)
October 21Fall 2023 Board Meeting (Bowling Green)

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CCSA is a membership organization and serves our members by providing a means to support their students, faculty and goals for international education.  We are not simply a “program provider.”   The member institutions, guided by the CCSA Board of Trustees, own and operate CCSA.






We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.