London is a metropolis made up of hundreds of communities. CCSA designs the program so students become part of the city through their coursework and explore the many secrets that make London special.

The group travelers arrive in London on July 10 to begin their two-week learning adventure. We also offer an excursion to Stonehenge and Salisbury on the weekend. Others will make their own arrangements for explore time.

We have new and experienced faculty to lead their students throughout the London area and beyond. Learn more about the course here.

Ann AndaloroDigital Storytelling: Exploring England
guzzinoLynnette GuzzinoBritish Business, Law and Brexit
harlinKate HarlinBritish Literature Transformed: English Writer in the Post-Colonial Era
nealElizabeth NealDrawing London: The Art of Urban Sketching
sheaDan SheaMonstrous Metropolis: Gothic London in Victorian Literature

And our on-site admin team arrives a few days early to prepare for the faculty and students.

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