CCSA kicked off our summer program on May 7 with one of our Custom Global programs. The following weekend two more programs commenced. The catalog programs start June 3 with the London Summer program.

CCSA is working with four member institution on Custom programs this summer.

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East Tennessee State University returns with a program for Medical Humanities in London & Edinburgh. The onsite portion includes two weeks in London, York and Edinburgh with a focus on the history of medicine through the lens of anthropology and the humanities. The group includes nineteen students, four program leaders, and two guests. They started on May 7 and return May 21.

Leare more about the ETSU program.

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Eastern Kentucky University also returns with a repeat of a London program. Risk Management & Insurance in London is a week-long portion of spring class for students in the RMI program. As one of the three most important insurance markets in the world, London offers students a host of unique learning opportunities. This is the second time for this program to go to London. The group includes nine students and two program leaders. They started May 14 and return May 21.

Learn more about the EKU program.

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The University of Kentucky also joins the custom global club this summer. The Age of Information: Britain’s Role in the History of Computing is part of the Chellgren Fellows program. Students will learn about topics such as the early development of the computer in England and its role in WWII, and Alan Turing’s impact on computing and Bletchley Park during WWII. The program includes days in Oxford and Cambridge, and journey to Bletchley Park. The group includes ten students and four program leaders. They started May 14 and return May 26.

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Walsh University joins the custom global group with a program in London. The Blouin Scholars Global Leaders will be on-site in June. Blouin Scholars are part of a cohort studying food, hunger and sustainability.  The group includes 21 students with four program leaders. They start June 3 and return June 24.

CCSA Custom Global organizes short-term (eight weeks or less) “faculty-directed” credit and non-credit programs in US domestic and English-speaking international locations. Custom programs enable schools to control their programs while CCSA provides logistical support. The school selects the program leaders and approves the program, then CCSA Custom Global helps make it happen.

For both member and non-member institutions, our Custom Global program is designed to provide a full range of services.  This includes application management, financial oversight, orientation/preparation, faculty development, and emergency response.  A one-stop shop for services that otherwise might not be available through the institution.  CCSA offers to be an extension of the home campus staff that enables our schools to meet the needs of their faculty and students.

Custom Global Courses:

  • can be offered at any time during the year (summer, winter, spring break, bi-term, etc.).
  • give you full control of your programs while CCSA provides logistical support. 
  • are branded as a course and program from your school.
  • follow the course approval and academic oversight from your campus.
  • can optionally be opened for students from other schools to attend. 

 Learn more here.

CCSA is a membership organization and serves our members by providing a means to support their students, faculty and goals for international education.  We are not simply a “program provider.”   The member institutions, guided by the CCSA Board of Trustees, own and operate CCSA.






We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.