We are excited to introduce the Summer 2023 Storyteller Scholarship Awardees.

Olivia Moore – Georgetown College

Ireland:  One Island, Two Nations

moore photo
Olivia Moore

Olivia Moore is a junior at Georgetown College majoring in English and minoring in Classics.  She told us that she’s a passionate lover of words, and added, “By traveling to Ireland this summer to study Irish myths and legends, I hope to grow a greater understanding, not just in these stories seldom discussed, not just in the culture surrounding them, but also of a wider perspective beyond the stories we are repeatedly taught.” 

For Olivia, stories are the gateway to learning more about who we were, who we are, and who we ought to be, and learning from a different set of myths is the perfect way to discover more.

Olivia plans to use her skills as photographer to tell her CCSA story.

Sarah Duffy – Bellarmine University

London Mid-Summer

duffey sarah
Sarah Duffy

Sarah Duffy is an English major with minors in criminal justice and psychology at Bellarmine University.  She told us that being able to travel is very important to her. “I saw the Victorian Literature class being hosted in London and knew I’d found the perfect opportunity for my first trip out of the country.” She added, “I hope to further expand my knowledge from the first-hand experience that comes with the course.”  She intends to interact with local people to connect to the course topic.   

“Literature is not only shaped by the location but is also shaped by the culture of that place.” 

Sarah’s plan is to create a video showing her CCSA experience.

Christine Huck – Thomas More University

London Mid-Summer

huck Christine
Christine Huck

“Curious” describes Christine.  She loves exploring different subjects, techniques, perspectives.  She told us, “As a returning adult student, I embrace that curiosity and use it to fuel her varying graphic design work while obtaining my BFA degree.”  She adores discovering new places and traveling with CCSA will provide her the chance to hone her drawing and observation skills while exploring and learning about a new, yet similar culture. 

She added that she looks forward to documenting that experience and encouraging others to venture beyond their comfort zones.

Christine plans to share her drawings and photographs to tell us about her CCSA experience.

Please join me in congratulating the Scholars.  We will share their stories later in the summer.

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