CCSA gathered with long-time and more recent supporters to celebrate 40 years.

founding group
Special guests who’ve set the tone of CCSA for many years

The evening included lively toasts to all our program locations along with stories of CCSA early years. Jeffrey Williams regaled us with a rendition of a famous Scottish poet.

scottish poet
Jeffrey Williams, CCSA Academic Director

We were also reminded of the impacts CCSA has had on many people over the years. Heather Schieman, alumna and former RA, came clean on how she worked her way on to multiple CCSA programs (as an RA), then found her calling in international education.

heather comes clean
Heather Schieman, University of Dayton

Friendships – new and old – we reinforced, built on our common goal of providing students unique learning opportunities.

And we showcased on our most recent students, who also is a Storyteller Scholar.

We wrapped the evening with cake and a final toast to CCSA.

cake and glass

Check out some of our shared stories here.

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We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.