We bring September to a close with many applications for the winter programs.


As of September 26, we had 238 applications and 189 app fee paid. This is 79.4%. We are reaching out to those no-app-fee-paid in coordination with the campus reps to make sure students have the opportunity to select CCSA for their winter study abroad option.

And of course… students may still apply. We’ve updated the web and applications to reflect the $250 app fee and the limitations on group flights. London and London+Dublin remain open until October 28. Australia has the Oct 7 deadline since we must have the number seats, and group is the only option.  No independent air.

London Winter
London & Dublin
winter 22-23


We have 36 Storyteller Scholarship applications, and the selection process will be a challenge. There are so many great proposals, but we can only pick a few. We also have 34 Traveler Scholarships applications, and likewise the selection process will be difficult., but our goal is to award as many as possible.

We plan to contact the scholarship awardees early in October.

Of course, we also count the discounts to the app fee for attending Infozooms and study abroad fairs. So the pool of scholarships is even larger this year than in past years.


Refer-A-Friend continues to be popular with students. This winter cycle we have nearly 70 students who referred friends. We have over 130 individuals referred by their friend, and of this, thirty-one completed their application. When this happens, the referring person and the one referred get a discount – another from of financial support from CCSA. This remains open to student who’ve applied, and we’re reaching out to the referees as well.


We now move toward the first payment deadline of October 28, then we lock down our classes. Orientations will take place after Thanksgiving, which is also the target to have final syllabi available for students.

Winter 22-23 is getting more students back on track for their study abroad experience, and CCSA is ready to get them to their destination.

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