The CCSA team enters September with a hefty to-do list. And in partnership with our member institution faculty and staff, we will hit them all. And of course our students are key to our success. They also partner with CCSA as they navigate their chosen global learning experience.


You’ve met some of our summer 2022 storytellers, but I wanted to give them a shout out here as well. We look forward to seeing their completed projects in September.

And students on the Winter 22-23 programs can apply for CCSA for scholarships here.


September is our big push as communicated in previous post. Relive that here.



September is the time to prepare and plan our first Custom Global program of 2023. Faculty from Eastern Kentucky University offer a spring course in Risk Management & Insurance program that includes spring break in Bermuda – one of the globe’s premiere location for insurance companies.


The CCSA Team also enables our member institutions to offer their own “faculty-led” program in the summer. We have four in the works. The Eastern Kentucky University Risk Management & Insurance group will offer a program in London. East Tennessee State University will offer Medical Humanities in the London & Edinburgh. Walsh University will offer London-program focused on Food, Hunger and Sustainability. And another EKU program for photography in Iceland. Early stages for these, so more details will be available as we lock down the logistics.


September is also the early push for the Summer programs. Through member institution study abroad fairs and other outreach events, students start their plans and applications for their summer 2023 global learning experiences.

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We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses now and into the future in collaboration with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.