The CCSA Summer 2023 programs are open and taking applications.  We return to our traditional set of programs with a few twists. And we continue to navigate the impacts of the pandemic.

The two Belize programs are set in their dates. 

belize anthropology
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And we offer a month-long field school for student seeking a deeper experience that is designed to meet field school requirements for anthropology undergraduates and graduate students.  Dr. Doug Hume and Dr. Jessica Lott will lead the students into a deep dive on Belize.

Belize land & Sea
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This program is designed for STEM students seeking biology or earth & environmental science credit.  We welcome Dr. Laroy Brandt from Lincoln Memorial University, who brings a wealth of experience in Belize to CCSA.  Dr. Zach Taylor from Thomas More University will serve as on-site director.

Ireland and the London program dates are still to be locked down.

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We continue our Ireland program with five class covering health care, literature, science, and the international beverage industry.  The dates are planned for late May into early June and we will lock down as we determine some other pieces of the summer pie.  This program starts in Dublin for a week, then moves every couple of days through Northern Ireland, then to Galway. 

london summer
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CCSA is committed to returning the four-week London Summer program.  Due to this we are seeking out appropriate accommodations with classroom space – a challenge we face is, as places in London rebound from pandemic restrictions, good places are harder to secure.  We are considering a late May start date, thus ending before July, as a way to access appropriate space and keep the costs inline with part years.  An informal poll of past summer faculty indicated the early summer dates are a welcome change.  We hope to have announcement for our summer 2023 faculty and on-site admins very soon.

The four-week program includes our A and B schedule so students can take two courses in the program.  The catalog includes new courses and some revisions to core offerings.  The new courses include biology and political science.  Our returning set include photography, art & design, psychology, communication, and media.

london mid summer
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Twelve courses will out the program with several new faculty joining their experienced colleagues.   Food Science and Urban Sketching join a diverse set of literature courses, along with business, media, theater, and communication courses. Likewise, the two-week London program dates are impacted by accommodations.  We are consideration several locations with price a primary consideration.  Inflation hits all segments of the economy, but the hospitality industry is especially vulnerable to increasing expense such as labor costs in the United Kingdom.   Our working dates are the first two weeks of July in order to access major sporting events – Wimbledon – and other activities planned for the courses.

CCSA continues to recover from the pandemic-induced downturn as manifested in the unsettled nature of our summer programs.  Our goal is to provide the best courses at a reasonable cost to students, and the changing landscape continues to demand that we remain flexible and committed to our mission.

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