Today is the last Friday of our Summer 2022 programs. The London Summer 2022 wraps up this weekend and the participants fly home on Monday, August 8.

Students traveled to many parts of London and beyond – as part of their courses and on their own Explore Time. The faculty stepped up to make sure their students experienced all they could in just two weeks. The days were jam-packed, but each one also presented new opportunities to experience global learning first hand.

Some of us got lost on the Tube (and found). Some of us discovered “Ted Lasso.” Some of us tried food that we will never eat again. Some of us discovered the value of contactless credit cards. And that was just day 2.

And we celebrated a tremendous victory by the England Lionesses in the Euro Cup 2022.

This post cannot do justice to the efforts put in to the courses, but you can find more in CCSA’s social media feeds at the links to the right.

But here is an appetizer of images:

And some of the sites:

And … a special shout out to our on-site team:

As we start to pack up our things, we save room for all the memories, friendships, and lessons learned about ourselves and the world.

It has been a long summer of programs after a multi-year hiatus, but CCSA strives to provide a space in which global learning can change lives and where teachers positively impact their students.

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