The London Mid-Summer and England Multimedia groups arrived without a hitch on Monday, July 18. With them, a major heat wave hit London and much of the area. We’re talking over 100-degrees F. This is unknown for London.

We have to adjust some of our first-day plans such as the area walking tour – due to advisories to stay off the Tube – but we completed the orientation, class “hellos”, and group dinner all in good order. Everyone had fans in their rooms as promised so at least there was some comfort in the heat.

Tuesday July 19 followed even hotter and the advisories grew more dire. Tube and train lines were being shut down as infrastructure not designed for such heat had to be carefully managed. Of course, many of our students and faculty are from places were 100-degrees is familiar along with the added bonus of high humidity. So while hot, the humidity was quite low. Not unbearable as long as you were mindful of drinking water and finding shade. While we encouraged the faculty to consider alternatives (plan B), many opted to proceed with what they could. It turned out to be a very active day.

After returning to the hotel, many students spoke excitedly about how wonderful it was to be here. They truly appreciate this opportunity. And of course the promised of seasonable temps returning Wednesday kept sprits .

Wednesday, July 20 did not disappoint. Temps in the high 70s, breezy, and even a hint of rain.

Now we settle into the routine of short-term study abroad classes. Groups heading out each day for planned and unplanned class activities. Homework, quizzes, reflective journals. Meeting people in the student’s discipline and of course learning to navigate a major urban area full of new experiences. Input overload for some. “Bring it all on,” for others.

So as we head into our first weekend and Explore Day, students, faculty, onsite staff, and guest will continue share what they learn as a community of scholars, and we will see that effective global teaching promotes meaningful global learning.

Thank you to everyone who makes CCSA strong and vibrant.

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