This sixth program of our 2022 year began as a Custom Global program with two NKU faculty. When the pandemic put a halt to the program in 2021, we moved it to the Summer 2022 catalog and opened to all students.

The program includes a course in geology and another in media production.

England and Scotland have been the prime locations of the early, major discoveries that would create and define the natural sciences of geology and biology, between the periods mid-1700s to 1960s. Here, we will follow in the footsteps of the “fathers” of geology and biology, such as James Hutton, Mary Anning, Sir Richard Owen, Charles Darwin and many others, and see what led them to develop ideas such as deep time, evolution, plate tectonics, and discover the existence of extinct animals like dinosaurs.

Storytelling through Media students will produce mini-documentaries related to geological or historical topics while participating in the same activities as the geology class.

The group arrived on site on June 7 and return on June 20.

Michelle Melish (NKU) serves as the on-site program director. The courses are taught by John Gibson (NKU) and Julie Reizner (NKU).

Julie Reizner’s class is Great Britain: The Birthplace of Modern Geology. Through the study of rocks and fossils, we now understand some of the fascinating history of our planet and the life upon it – but until surprisingly recently, this was not the case. The first geologists & paleontologists learned how to decipher our story in England & Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries. Explore one of the greatest natural history museums in the world in London, then visit the home of Charles Darwin and dig for fossils along the Jurassic coast. Next, we venture northwards to explore more sites central to the history of geology in picturesque Edinburgh and the rugged Scottish Highlands.

John Gisbon’s class is Storytelling through Media: England and Scotland. In it students expand their cultural horizons while improving their media storytelling. This class takes them to sites of historical and cultural importance in England and Scotland where imaginations will be inspired to produce documentary projects. Paired with the geology class, this course combines visits to places of geological significance with field trips to such historic sites as London’s Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, and the Scottish Highlands. We’ll interact with Britons to make cross-cultural comparisons and reflect on how foreign travel provides new perspectives on our own culture – and then create documentaries that illustrate those themes.

london tower tour
The Tower of London and grounds

The group moves traverses areas in both England and Scotland. From London to Bath, then to Birmingham. A train ride takes them to Edinburgh, before heading west to Ft William. A return to Edinburgh via Stirling completes the journey.

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