From the virtual desk of Michael Hatton, Chair, CCSA Board of Trustees

Happy Anniversary!

It is my sincere pleasure to officially kick off the 40th anniversary celebration of our beloved CCSA. Through the excellent work of our wonderful staff, board members, and campus representatives, we have survived the worst of the pandemic and are able to move forward into our next forty years!   

I’m reaching out to each of you today to share some helpful information and to let you know how you can help with the 40th anniversary initiative. Your participation will go a long way in helping to excite students and colleagues alike as they look to study abroad in the coming year.

A special shutout to the following:

  • Casey Hindman — CCSA alum, admin, and staff — for her efforts in the branding items and videos
  • Jeffrey Williams — CCSA unofficial historian and academic director — for reaching out and interviewing the memory-keepers of CCSA.
  • Robin Byerly for everything she does for CCSA.
  • Marcie Hinton for leading the 40th anniversary team as we preparing for this launch.

Through their efforts and the contributions of many in the CCSA family, we’ve reach this tremendous mile-stone and will proceed in confidence to our next decade and beyond.

See below for some of the great opportunities to participate in our celebration.

Save the Date – 40th Anniversary Party
October 28, 2022 in Bowling Green, KY

The Friday night reception and dinner will bring together friends – new and old – to celebrate the part, present, and future of CCSA.

Robin Byerly will be in contact regarding reservations, but please save the date and plan to attend.

CCSA – 40 stories over 40 years

The history of CCSA, its mission, and especially its people is the stuff of legends.  As we proceed over this year, interviews will be posted on the web site for your view and comment.

 These personal stories make CCSA unlike any other study abroad organization.

The newly redesigned About Page on the CCSA website is your go-to place for sharing our history with your friends and colleagues. To visit the page, click HERE.

40th Anniversary Branding

What is an anniversary without some new bling!

The anniversary planning team has put together a fantastic set of special CCSA logos to highlight our past and point us towards the future. We need your help to get the word out.

You can do so by adding the new CCSA logo to your email signature line, to your website, and your social media to let everyone know about this incredible organization.

To download and display the new logos, click HERE.   

Following and Promoting CCSA on Social Media

Whether you tweet, ‘gram, Tik-Tok, or keep it classic with Facebook, use your social media megaphone to help spread the news about CCSA programs, scholarships, and opportunities…

even (especially) if you aren’t directly involved in them. Your promotion of programs helps your colleagues meet their course enrollment which in turn helps CCSA stay around for the next 40 years.

Remember to like and share CCSA content on Facebook, re-tweet on Twitter, and add CCSA Instagram posts to your story.

Tag us @ccsastudyabroad in your social media posts.

Use the hashtag: #CCSA40Years

And of course, hashtag…#SeeMoreBeMoreCCSA

Feeling a little rusty with your social media skills? Have no fear, this handy tutorial will make you a social media mogul in no time flat.
Instagram Tutorial
Facebook Tutorial
Twitter Tutorial

Please share the links with your colleagues and students.



We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses this summer in collaboration  with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.