The CCSA Storyteller Scholarship encourages student participation in CCSA programs by offering a means for students to tell their own CCSA stories. The awardee is expected to provide CCSA quality writing and/or imagery. The deliverable product must be appropriate for the CCSA web site, although the student may propose alternative formats such as a blog or a YouTube© project. [Learn More]

Here are the four Summer 2022 Storyteller Scholarship Winners.

Savannah Bloom

Savannah Bloom is is a sophomore English major and Creative Writing minor from Bellarmine University and will tell her story on the London Summer program.

“I am excited to be studying photography in London through CCSA’s summer program! For my project, I will be writing poems and a creative essay about my time in London and the city’s rich historical and cultural landscape. These written works will be paired with photographs of my own experience of the city and its unexpected people and places.”

Harrison Booher
Harrison Booher

Harrison Booher is a Biomedical Sciences major on a pre-medicine track from Georgetown College and will be on the Belize Land & Sea program.

“This unique opportunity will allow me to experience and study a tropical rainforest and coral reef just miles apart. In the rainforest, I will see iguanas, howler monkeys, and leaf cutter ants while gaining insight into the Mayan culture and its use of medicinal plants. On the coral reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, I will swim with brilliantly colored reef fish among the diverse assemblage of corals, sponges, and other invertebrates.

Lori Day

Lori Day is a senior at Texas A&M San Antonio and will travel to London for the Mid-Summer program.

“I am an English Major with minors in Legal Studies and Special Education. When I graduate this Fall, I plan to attend Nursing School right after. I’m excited to study abroad! Get to experience a new city and explore the London culture. I can’t wait start classes and learn about children’s literature  in the place where a lot of them take place.  I hope to have fun, make new friend, and learn!”

Kaitlynn Logsdon
Kaitlynn Logsdon

Kaitlynn Logsdon is a biochemistry major from Austin Peay State University and will also be on the London Mid-Summer program.

“I have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in psychology, but recently decided to pursue medical school. I am currently taking classes and gathering experience in the fields of chemistry and biology to help prepare me for medical school applications and the MCAT! Outside of school, I work with patients needing psychiatric care in the emergency room. On this upcoming trip to London, I am very excited to learn more about healthcare abroad (and test my organic chemistry knowledge). I hope that seeing medicine and science from a new perspective will help me be a more effective, empathetic, and informed healthcare worker (and hopefully, future psychiatrist!) In my free time, I love to sing, play the piano, guitar, and ukulele, dance, and write music. I am so excited for the opportunity to see the sights of London while integrating my love for medicine, chemistry, and music.”

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