We continue to monitor travel and COVID-19 testing requirements. These impact CCSA response plans that are updated as pre-travel, arrival, in-country, and US-return protocols change. Our planning evolves as we review lessons learned by our member institutions and colleagues in education abroad. With that in mind, we announce the following:

  • CCSA will require that every person on a program by up-to-date on vaccination per CDC definition. This means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible.
  • CCSA will require that every person on a program bring at least three (3) Rapid tests approved for travel by the FDA. CCSA will require this test. Through the orientation process, we will explain the testing and reporting process, but each person – student, faculty, on-site administrator, and guest – will be responsible for their own pre-departure test (within 48 hours of travel time) and the US-return test requirement (currently 1-day before return flight time). Individual test results will need to be uploaded by each person to the CCSA application so staff and on-site directors can verify completion and status. A positive test before the program will make the person ineligible to travel. A positive test on-site will trigger actions that meet the local health authority’s requirements. As stated before, CCSA treats COVID-19 testing and records the same as a passport. It is an individual’s responsibility and required to remain eligible to travel on a CCSA program.


CCSA Summer 2022 program schedule allows us to offer two decision dates based on the program start date. Today we announce an update to these.

CCSA seeks to provide easy-to-remember dates and deadlines that enable us, in coordination with our member institutions, to mitigate risks for students and CCSA. While there can be no guarantees, we offer the No Risk Refund and information about Cancel-for-Any-Reason insurance so students can make informed decisions.

PROGRAMFirst Payment ($1,850)No Risk RefundFinal Payment
Belize AnthropologyMarch 11March 11April 29
Belize: Land & SeaMarch 11March 11April 29
Ireland: One Island, Two NationsMarch 11March 11April 29
England & Scotland: Land & StorytellingMarch 11March 11April 29
Urban AmericaMarch 11March 11April 29
PROGRAMFirst Payment ($1,850)No Risk RefundFinal Payment
London & EdinburghApril 8April 8May 13
London Mid-SummerApril 8April 8May 13
London SummerApril 8April 8May 13

Since member institutions have some sort of US DOS Level 3 or 4 appeal process, please communicate with your students about deadlines and process. They are juggling lot right now, so clear communication will enable each student to progress through the process as smoothly as possible.

Please share the links with your colleagues and students.



We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses this summer in collaboration  with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.