CCSA summer programs are setup and ready to proceed. With Omicron possibly waning and our destinations updating arrival requirements, we are cautiously optimistic that we will have many students and faculty on-site this summer. The crystal ball has not yet arrived — they get snapped up very fast – but we continue to monitor the situation in coordination with our 29 member institutions. Each is also navigating the decision-making process and CCSA has inventoried where each stood as of the end of January.

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While Level 4 is still out-of-bounds, many member institutions have in place a Level 3 waiver process and a means for CCSA to verify our preparations and response plan. Everyone wants Summer 2022 to go, but we also keep student, faculty, and on-site staff health & safety top-of-mind.

Students are clearly excited, but highly concerned about a program canceling. After repeated negative impacts of the pandemic, the frustration of canceling and the financial risk are big factors in student applying. We get that.

We’ve also put in place a few things to smooth the edge of the financial risk.

In an effort to provide utmost flexibility to our applicants, we continue to offer our No Risk Refund policy. This allows participants to receive a 100% refund, no questions asked through February 25th – the final application deadline. We do maintain a rolling application acceptance with next deadline of March 11 – first payment deadline.

Another support mechanism is offered through our large number and wide array of Summer 2022 courses.

With programs running throughout the summer, we do have some flexibility with deadlines as well — such as airline commitments and accommodations. This provides students the opportunity to select a course in a later program as their alternate. The CCSA team moves student to this later alternate if something interrupts the earlier programs. This gives students a measure of confidence that when things improve the programs later in the summer will remain available.

March 11 is when the following item would kick in. supplement personal travel insurance. check out the information the web page. There are specific date-of-purchase requirements that require attention.

Preparing to be on-site.

As assurance to our students and member institutions, CCSA has bolstered our onsite response plan as we monitor changes to travel requirements.  CCSA will communicate any programs updates to those who’ve applied for a Summer 2022 program.   This enables our member schools to approve their students knowing that CCSA is prepared as best we can be.

The InfoZoom sessions continue so we may address student questions in a timely manner. Here is link to upcoming sessions and recordings fo past sessions.

Students who start their application during the live session are entered in a drawing for an application fee waiver. That’s a $250 value. We randomly select one student and contact them a few days after the session.

Other benefits discussed in the session are scholarships, Refer-a-Friend, and program details (such as flights and explore time).

refer a friend
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This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many CCSA faculty so students can select the course that best fits their needs.

Key deadlines coming up:

Feb 4 – early application deadline. App fee is $150

Feb 25 – final application deadline. App fee is $250

Feb 25 – Scholarship deadline. Link

Other dates and payments are found here.

Students are encouraged to apply early so we can keep them updated application and travel.

Please share the links with your colleagues and students.



We look forward to providing exciting global learning courses this summer in collaboration  with our member institutions, our faculty, our on-site teams, and especially our students.