A convergence of coincidence leads us to a Summer 2022 with four programs with a Scotland component. Each includes a unique set of global learning opportunities. One is a non-credit and the remaining three have complementary classes taught by new and returning faculty.

Most folks teaching or serving as an administrator faced our COVID-induced delays, while a few brave souls jumped on the train as we sped down the track. No matter how each found themselves in the mix for Summer 2022, they are all troopers and I commend their resiliency.

In order of start date, I wish to share some details of each program as a sign of CCSA’s intention to make it through this downturn.

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May 15 to June 16

This is an evolution of a WKU faculty-led program with three WKU faculty teaching complementary classes in Art & Design and Advertising & Promotion; on with a Computer Science twist. Students may take two classes in this month-long program, while they experience London for the first half, then spend the balance of time in Edinburgh. A key focus of the program is on students developing a portfolio of work; a key step in their career prospects. The course descriptions at this link can explain each better than i can, so check it out and share with your students seeking this type of experience.

SCOTLAND: HEARTH AND HOME May 17, 2022 —May 31, 2022
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May 17 to 31, 2022

This is one of our two non-credit programs for 2022. Gretchen Vaughn and Michael Hatton (both from NKU) will offer their experience and interest in Scotland to a group of adventurous lifelong-learners. You’ve read Gretchen’s blog posts that entice folks to join this program. With the supply-chain issues keeping us from wrapping presents, this program is the perfect stocking-stuffer for someone in your life who cannot get enough of Michael Hatton in a kilt.

ENGLAND & SCOTLAND: LAND & STORYTELLING June 06, 2022 —June 20, 2022
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June 06 to 20, 2022

This program evolved from a CCSA Custom Global program we created with two NKU faculty. It uniquely combines geology (read… STEM) and media production. Get it? Land & Storytelling. While the geology students learn scientific history and root around the rocks, the media students will document their discoveries and tell other stories along the way.

The group starts in London, then hits road to the southwest at Lyme Regis and Bath, then north by train to Edinburgh, where they will climb Arthur’s Seat. Of course, a trip to the west of Scotland requires a journey on the Jacobite Steam Train (can you say Hogwart’s Express?). I cannot do these courses justice in this post, so check out the link.

An added bonus is a short video from Julie Reizner about her geology course. HINT… all faculty should seriously consider making such a video for your class.

LONDON & EDINBURGH SPORTS July 01, 2022 —July 16, 2022
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July 01 to 16, 2022

This program offer two special anchors — Wimbledon and the British Open (golf). In fact it is the 150th playing of the British Open. The three courses complement each other to provide students access to these major sporting events as they explore sports psychology, media, and international spirits (beverage) industry. This program offers a great example of CCSA’s commitment to the Multimodal Global Learning model that emphasizes the Know-Before-You-Go and the Bring-It-Home elements of a short-term study abroad class. Each course enables students to examine their home location – town, community, school – in context of the course, then bring back experiences to reexamine the home-place in relation to what they learned on-site. Each course offers career development opportunities that are relevant to our current students.

CCSA’s application deadline is February 25, 2022. The early application (with $100 discount) ends February 4, 2022.

Students are encouraged to apply early so we can keep them updated on any changes in either location.

Please share the links with your colleagues and students.