We’ve hit October after a busy September. A lot of seeds were planted last month, so now we nurture the soil anticipating a strong harvest in a few months.

This is also when things tighten up for students and faculty. It can be hard to make decisions about the future when you’re buried under deadlines. We get it.

To aid in managing the current pressures, we break down the “to-do” list into manageable bites and provide specific action items that will help folks move through the process.

First. Passport. If you have one, we recommend carefully checking the expiration date. It should be at least six months after your return — just to be safe. If you don’t have one, then pick a day and time to set aside to get the application started. Here is link… https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html/

Second. COVID-19 vaccination. CCSA requires full vaccination of everyone who is eligible. No need to wait. Here is a resource page.

Third. Start your CCSA application. Everyone completes a program application, but you need only start it now. Students, faculty, on-site admins, and guests. Everyone. Then we can keep you informed about next steps. Here is start. … find your a APPLY NOW.

There. That’s the list for October.