CCSA continues to monitor changes to travel. Currently – and it is only September – Belize, Ireland, and the UK are Level 4 on the USDOS travel advisory. As noted on each advisory web page, this is due to COVID-19.

For many of us, including CCSA’s home location of Bowling Green, KY, level 4 (or higher) is the norm right here in the United States. Students and faculty may be safer in our program locations.

A topic of exploration is how member institutions plan to handle Level 3. As stated above, we are seeing a differentiation based on Level 3 “due to covid” so we will need to keep in close contact about how different schools are handling things. Most institutions had a Level 3 waiver process pre-covid. Now, such waivers may require CCSA to provide more details on how we will handle things. We have prepared a response plan that will continue to evolve as we approach departure dates.

My request to our member institutions is to examine where things stand and where things seem to be going on your campus regarding Level 3 waivers. CCSA is prepared to inform your decision-making process so that faculty, admins, and students will know the process to be followed, and be assured that CCSA keeps health & safety top-on-mind in our program design and implementation.

The crystal ball hasn’t arrived yet, so we proceed as planned – enthusiastic and optimistic. We are pushing through the early recruitment window with our InfoZooms and in-person study abroad fairs. We’ve met hundreds of students and showcased our member-institution faculty at these events. The excitement may be a bit tempered, but also very present, and students want to learn more about the courses, programs, and “explore time.”

The live and recorded InfoZooms are here. Please share the session links about your institution with your students so they can learn more about CCSA courses.

We continue to recommend the following for everyone on a CCSA program in Summer 2022;

Three things everyone can do right now, today.